Erasmus EPM

MS Project download instruction

Dear Students,

To make possible to download MS Project, first of all you should be registered in Microsoft DreamSpark - electronic software distribution system. Here is the steps to do:
2. Fill-in the application. Application example is here. If needeed you can ask a Polish student for hepl.
3. Bring the fulfilled application to the secretariat room No. ox-231.
4. Wait for an e-mail.

EPM classes

The deadline of EPM classes is 26.01.2017.

EPM based on Microsoft Project - tasks to do for the students
1. Make a concept of the complex project that consists of about 50-100 tasks and lasts minimum 3 months.
3. Organize them.
    Microsoft way of budgeting - proposal 2.
10. Create your own, customized visual report:
If you have not MS Office you can't open visual reports. In such case please create your own customized view according to this tutorial or create your own standard report according to this tutorial.

I would like to track your improvements so please send me the next version of your project once a week.

Look at those links:

Other files on EPM:
Grzegorz Kłosowski,
11 paź 2016, 04:10